I'd like some hardcore critique for this too.

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Mar 10, 2007
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I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm aware it's a little yellow, or a lot yellow. And a bit blown out. Actually, here, take a look at the same shot with a bit of a difference between the two. Please, BE HARSH AND HONEST. I just wanna get better. Just be prepared to offer me tips on top of critique, so, you know, I can do better next time.

I like the first more than the second. I assume I'm looking at flame? If so, fire is "supposed" to be yellow, not greenish.

But to be perfectly harsh (as you ask), it doesn't do anything for me. What are you trying to say with the photo? I see two pills and what I assume to be fire. Or is it a very out of focus opening to a medicine bottle? Perhaps a title would help convey the mood you want?
It's a very out of focus opening to a medicine bottle. I appreciate your honesty. And by the way, I lit this scene using a flashlight. I was just trying to make a statement about poppin' pills, give it a dark, high contrast, selective light look. Apparently it didn't work. Thanks for your response. I'll just have to try harder next time. :]
Get something better than a flashlight and I think this can help TONS. Find a normal light bulb and find a good angle for lighting, or maybe one of those candle bulbs.

If you add some more depth of field then that'll also help impact. If people are thinking the pill bottle is fire, thats too little DOF! ;-)
In both, the sugar upon which you placed the pill, was seriously blown, and you apparently tried to burn it to the extent that it looks all "wrong" somehow, in both versions.

I like how you experiment, but I think you need an assistent for this set-up with a second flashlight, so you can work with two light sources. One-directional light can be very, very interesting, but does not seem to work as well here as you thought it might. Maybe repeat the experiment when someone else is around? And try and try again on the exposure (Max mentions "bracketing" in the other thread - you can bracket for aperture, i.e. starting out at f5.6 and going up to maybe f16 in steps, or for exposure, from shortest possible to longest possible shutter speed).
I was able to make out the bottle with out the explination, but the sand, salt or whatever the fine grain gravel there eludes me

What type of flash light are you using?

I also would suggest as LaFoto stated, try a two flashlight setup. You can maintain some of the dark overature by bouncing one off the ceiling in much the same way as a flash. The reason I ask about the flashlight is the intensity of the original light source you used, judging by it's size in relation to the bottle and pills I have to assume it is a keychain styled flashlight. If it is a maglight (or any other with an adjustable beam) I might suggest widening out the beam to reduce the intensity and possibly the blow out you are getting. If you can widen the beam out try just that first before adding another light if you truly wish to maintain the single light sorce you originally wished to acomplish.

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