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Jun 13, 2006
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Hey, I'm Tony, I'm 22 and from the United Kingdom and currently live and work in the United States of America...

Currently I work as a graphic designer, working in print and web doing all sorts of multimedia from flash to postcards from css layouts to magazines.

Photography has been a major hobby of mine which mainly derives from my dad's keen eye for photography. Growing up I shot with his numerous Pentax 35mm slrs and continued to POS with early digital. While at University I upgraded to Canon Powershots and eventually to a G5 also purchasing a Dual 2.0Ghz Powermac G5 and 23" display for my digital canvas. I studied Graphic Design implementing photography being introduced to studio stuff...

I then upgraded to DSLR with a canon digital rebel xt and started collecting lenses as soon as I could afford them.

Photography has become a big part of my job, shooting products we create and portraits for many publications and web sites. I may take a masters in Photography at a later date.

I spend my free time at home with my girlfriend generally being creative, from her writing, us playign music (she is a drummer, I'm a guitarist) and us photographing things and painting! I also love to drive and invested in a nice Ford Mustang Convertible last year

So, Hello and nice to meet you very talented people :)
Hey Tony, great having you here on the Forum! Enjoy your stay.
welcome to the forum tony...... where abouts in England did you study Graphic Design?
The University of Huddersfield (its a great little university with a great reputation for Graphic Design with such tutors as James Summerville, founder of Attik (www.attik.com))

Patrick Stewart is the chancellor of the University - great guy :)
oh yea.... cool....... I did 4 years at plymouth art college and then a degree at Berkshire...... didnt have have any fancy tutors tho :lol: ...... you made a good move working abroad..... design is a bit thin on the ground in some areas of the Uk at the moment. ;)
Welcome to TPF!

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