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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by Aperchur, Feb 5, 2018.

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    Hey everyone. I'm working on developing a tool to capture more qualified leads. I’d love your feedback on it.

    A little background. I was a professional photographer for almost a decade and took a risk and jumped into tech about 5 years ago. I’m taking what I’ve learned over the past 5 years in relation to lead generation, user experience, and chat / AI and combing that into this tool for photographers. My hope is that it will help photographers deliver a better client experience while also capturing more qualified leads.

    I’d truly value your honest thoughts and feedback on the concept. What's confusing about the page or concept? What questions do you have that are not answered on the site? On a scale from 1 (no interest at all) to 10 (very high interest), how would you rate your interest in trying the tool?

    The tool is called Aperchur and the site is

    Thanks in advance.


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