If i get me a Canon Speedlite 430EX..(lens related)


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Jan 5, 2006
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should i still get a 50mm F1.8 or 1.4? The cam already has a 18-55mm standard lens..wouldnt flash save me some lenses? School me on this..what lense should i get then?
Get the 50mm F1.8...it's the best value because it's cheap, fast and sharp. If cost is not a problem, then get the F1.4...or what ever you want.

Yes, using flash will make it possible to get shots in some lower light situations. However, shooting with flash is a whole different style of photography than shooting without one. A flash will have a limited range, you can't light up a whole landscape with a regular flash shot.

A fast lens (F1.8 ) will also allow you to get a very thin DOF...which a slower lens just can't do...flash or not.
Ok, thanks for clearing this up! What other lenses would be recommendable besides the ones that where mentioned? I really dont know anything about lenses.
It really depends on what kind of shooting you like to do and your budget. Use your camera for a while with those lenses. If you wish you had more magnification, then get a longer lens. If you find that you are wishing for a wider view, then get a wider lens. If you are finding that you want to get closer than your lens will focus...then get a macro.
I would like to shoot people mostly, no serious movements such as sports..what would be a good wide lense? You can give me a few good examples for lenses period. Thanks!

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