If It Was Your Last Photograph, What Would You Take?


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Jul 11, 2013
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hi everyone, I have a question for you. If you have one last chance to take photograph, what do you want to take? I am very curious about your answers:)
A picture of my killer...

Edit- Meaning, this world is not taking me out naturally, so im assuming thats how im gonna go.
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Do you mean that it's my last photograph before I die, or just that, somehow, I'm going to take one last photograph and then continue living but never do photography again?

If it's the first, that it's one last photo before I go: Nothing. I'd set the camera down, and enjoy all the time I could with my two adult sons, my sister and mother and brothers and friends. I'd have no need to document anything else, because I wouldn't be going back and "reliving" the moment by looking at the photo, since I'd be dead.

If it's the second option--I'd either take one last picture of my family members, or possibly a picture of several dear friends I have that I don't actually HAVE any pictures of.

A couple of years ago, I gave my sister a book for Christmas. Can't remember the name of it, or the photographer, but it was an intriguing premise: For one year, he'd allowed himself only ONE shot a day. The book was a compilation of some of those daily shots, plus writings from the photographer about his experience, limiting himself to just "THE shot" each day. I think he'd retired from some type of professional photography, and I want to say it may have been with National Geographic--anyway, he was used to taking 100s of photos at a time, so that was quite an endeavor to undertake.

While there is no way I'd even WANT to limit myself to one photo a day for an entire year, I often think it'd be a really interesting experiment to do for maybe a month.
Tough question.
I do non technical street photography so I suppose it'd be something special from that line.
If I was feeling soppy, it'll be a photo of my wife.
That way, the photo could be buried with me so I'd always have a picture of her.
Same stuff I do now, street or doc photo.

Just would wish for a top grade, last effort.
The inside of Cindy Crawford's bedroom.
A seal shot from inside the jaws of a Great white just as it speeds to the surface at all one tons of him For the kill and the Air Jaws effect.I hope my horizon is straight.
I'd love to shoot Karolina Kurkova with a PhaseOne 645DF+ + PhaseOne 80mm AF2.8 before I died.

That would be a great way to go.
If someone tells me I'm going to die after the next photograph I take, making it my last, then I'm going to have to think about that shot for another fifty years or so. I'll let you know then.

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