if u saw an elderly lady at the grocery store and..........


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Jun 27, 2003
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if you were at the grocery standing in the fruit section and saw an elderly lady put a bannana in her purse ..... security runs out to confront her, your standing nearby ... security asks u if u saw her ..... u would say????? :lol:
chaseman24 said:
Is that a banana in your purse, or are you just happy to see me? :roll:


i would smack her with a grapefruit and steal her purse.

Take a pic when they slap the 'cuffs on and sell it to the news!
Let's see, they are paying security how much per hour to save a .35 banana?
That's a strange question Dew, is this something that happened to you?
nah, it didnt happen to me .. just the kinda stuff that wonders through my head and to see where everyone else's head is :lol:
That is an interesting question. I think that I would probably just try to slip away as soon as security approached her, a) because I wouldn't want her to be embarrassed by having lots of people around to witness her confrontment and interrogation, so to speak, and b) so then I wouldn't be around for them to ask me anything.
I used to work at a grocery store in my early adult hood and had to confront shoplifters every once in a while. Probably did some studid dangerous stuff for what the food was worth, but have several funny stories.

The funniest is I'd see very large tough looking gang banging types break down and start balling when their mom's came to pick them up. I'm little, 5'5", 145lbs at the time (more now) and I approached a big dude in the parking lot. He was probably 6'3" 222lbs. *Btw, I would never promote this behaviour anymore. Anyway, I simply said "do you have a reciept for that? He started balling, tears rushing down..."please don't call my momma, please"
i would say ....

"nope ... i wasnt paying attention... i was trying to see if these tomatos are ripe :D .... are these fresh, ya think?"
If I really was in that situation I'm sure my answer would be a blank stare (it comes naturally) and a "don't know what you're talking about" answer.
I once witnessed an older lady (late 50's early 60's?) slip on a wet floor in a supermarket (leaves and water around a box of fresh corn) and I made sure she was looked after and let her use my cellphone to get her son to come and get her. I also had a word with her son and advised him I was willing to be a witness if required.
I saw her slip and fall so I'm sure it was genuine, if it wasn't she should be working in the movies!
Shame I didn't own a camera then, that pic would be worth something!

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