If you had a time machine??

realistic: Go back to the last lotto drawing and pick the numers that won.....

Ideally: Travel back to every time instance that has caused a conspiracy.....and find out the truths.

Did we really land on the moon

The real history of the Knights Templars, Illuminate, Masons, and the inside workings of the catholic church. (nothing against ANY of these, especially the church, but it is it's own government so there has to be a conspiracy somewhere...you would think

Who fired the first shot in the "Civil War" in the US

things like that.
travel forward to see what will happen next, and next, and next.
travel back to get some photos that nobody will ever believe.
I'd go back to when I was very young and get my younger self focused on better role models than my parents, so I would learn what self confidence and self esteem really are at an early age. It's much harder to obtain those things as an adult when you've had bad role models your entire life.
Go back and find out if Jesus was real.

Like find out if Mary was just lying, and there was no imaculate conception.

Go back and shoot hitler between the eyes before he started killing jews and being a nancy boy fairy.
I'd go back and spend more time with my Dad...I miss him so.
I'd spend a day walking and talking with Jesus. Visit my grandfather who died while I was very young. Spend time with my dad.

Maybe try to change some of the sadder parts of history.

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