If you hate cliches, this is your camera!

Good morning, Leonore.
I didn't read the article, yet but I suspect the shutter count will stay low.
But hating cliches is actually very cliche.
To me, this would be the main purpose of the camera:

Camera Restricta is also a comment on government censorship of photos. In July, the European Parliament voted on a controversial proposal that would have restricted the ability of tourists to take photographs of copyrighted buildings and sculptures, even in public places. The measure was defeated, but the point Schmitt is making with Camera Restricta is that if such a law were enacted, it could easily be implemented, just by a silent over-the-air update to your smartphone or tablet.

The way it determines if something is cliche or not is completely wrong, IMO. Just because you're in an area where lots of other pictures have been taken means nothing.

That's funny
Definitely a camera NOT for the tourist.

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