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Feb 3, 2010
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If you were shopping for what to buy to set up maybe an in home little studio in our spare bedroom with just 1 window for light that really doesn't let in a whole lot of light so might as well not be there.. lol what would you buy?

I'd also like at least part of the setup to be reasonably portable to try to use some sort of maybe single light off camera for outdoor portraits. I always take my son with me when I'm out so I have my hands full already. I wear him on me in a carrier either on my front or back, so my hands are free but its still a handful which is why I say maybe just single light off camera for that as carrying much more might not be do-able.

All I currently have for flash or lighting is a Yongnuo 560 and no triggers or anything.

I don't have a ton I can justify spending as I think my husband will kill me.. but I can maybe swing 200-300 range without him flipping. haha
I would probably go for another speedlight, set of triggers, a couple of light stands and combination umbrellas. That will be enough to get you started, and you can do a lot with one or two lights and a bit of practice.
I agree with tirediron. Try to fined used stands & umbrellas. Not just because of cost but its easy to check out working order and condition.
For portable studio / in home i would get 2 speed lights i have these and think they work well for price Speedlite YN560 Flash for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus Cameras:Amazon:Camera & Photo

Then some triggers and i also got this background stand kit on amazon the stand in my opinion is great quality and the sides of back ground stand work as a light stand
Two Prism 10x20', 100% Cotton Muslin Backdrops and The Ravelli Full Size 10x12' Background Stand Set:Amazon:Camera & Photo

i am by no means a professional and there are better speed lights and stands out there im sure but with speed lights you don't need electricity and can get light set up easy and the background stand is convenient for when you need a solid backdrop or if you get scenic backdrops or paper later.

But thats my recommendation

2 speed lights
Background stand and backdrop kit
If your budget was a little bigger,... ah, well...

You did open with "if you were me", which is not easy to imagine, but if it were ME, I would get radio triggers.

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