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Jan 30, 2006
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Hello everyone. What I need is in theroy simple enough. I have a photography forum , well more of a portal. i use XMB forum software. Heres the deal. when a user uploads a picture to a specific thread i want that photo to be displayed on the main page (portal) as well.. just the photo. and on the right side of the portal id like just teh most recent photos uploaded to that thread in the forum. ive photoshoped a rough draft of how i want it to look. it will give you a MUCH better idea of wtf im talking about. Im willing to pay for the work but anyone who would jsut like to do this to test theyre skills that would be cool too. please email me for more details and that picture i photoshoped. if you feel the need to instant message my AIM screen name is Wisemanshane. thanks

email [email protected]

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