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Sep 20, 2010
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I'm using PS CS3, am comfortable with it and have been working with photos for several years now, manipulating, restoring, etc ...

Now, I've a request to do some decals. I understand that I have to use Illustrator (I think so that I can put in the 'cutout lines'. But, that's not my question.

I have created a wall graphic in PS to actual size (26x88) - it's a wall wine rack. Now, the printer guy says that he doesn't want psd files, only files created in Illustrator. I know that I can transport my psd file (save as ai) but, why?

He is going to print this onto wrap material and apply to an indoor wall. Since I created the file at full resolution & size, there shouldn't be any distortion or loss.

Can anyone help me understand this, please?
I'm not sure of the details, but are there any vectors in the image? The whole benefit of using Illustrator is because you are working with vectors. Converting to a jpg or something else will still cause it to be compressed and could possible blur edges etc.

Just a hunch, but since I don't know what it is I can't help much more than that.

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