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Mar 27, 2006
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Hi all,

As you can see, this is my first post. I need help with an incredible amount of questions. I'll start with just a few....
I really like my little Canon point and shoot camera. It actually takes very nice pics when the object is fairly close. It's just little things like, detail, that bother me. I can't zoom for anything either. So I decided to move up a little. I know it's outdated, but for the cash I thought it would be a good start. I bought a used Nikon D1x.
My first question is for anyone that has one of these. The shutter seems extremely slow. This camera has not had the buffer upgrade done so I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. What do you think (well, know about the upgrade)?
I have been trying it out in Program mode. I have set the flash on DTTL and A, I like A the best so far, but really don't know what I'm doing. Still not happy with the photo's it's producing. I have 2 lens's for it. Both Nikkor, a 28-100mm f/3.5-5.6 and a DX AF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6. So far I like the 28-100 photo's better. It just always seems to shoot at around 5.6. Is this normal? any good? It seems like an eternity waiting for the shutter to do it's thing.
Oh believe me. I have so many more questions I could go on and on. This is getting a little long as it is so I'm going to stop. I would like any insight as to what you Nikon owners do to make the pics look so good (yes, I have photoshop CS). My pics just look, well, drab. Don't know why.

Thanks for any help,
1) welcome to the forum
2) congratulations on choosing a very good camera. It should last.
3) what do you mean by "shutter seems slow"?

Get yourself a book in introductory photography. The one that explains shutter speeds, apertures, ISO...

Let's hope somebody will point you out to a particular thread.
Thanks Doc,

The shutter was figured out today. One of the settings that controls the mirror was turned "on". Now that it is off, shoots nice and fast.
Now I guess I should get a book.
Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you had MLU (mirror lock up) turned on. That is a setting you would use when the camera is on a tripod and you wanted it to be as still as possible...for maximum sharpness.

I agree with the Doc. Get a book on basic photography and exposure. It does not have to be from the 'digital' era. The same principles of exposure apply to digital and film.
And read the manual too. Your camera of the most professional variety, having lots of bells and whistles which will be very confusing at the beginning.

You need to:
Set it to manual mode
Learn to adjust aperture
Learn to adjust stutter speed
Learn to adjust ISO

Stick your 18-55 on it and go shoot. Then read your "basic photo" book and shoot again.

Mirror lock was on, works great now that it is off. I'm starting book shopping in the morning. So far, just "trying" to figure out how to take a decent pic is a little upsetting. As far as detail and focus no problem. What really sorta gripes me is the flash. The pics seem a little dark compaired to my little point and shoot. I've changed a few settings on the flash just to see the difference. Funny though, my little Canon seems to brighten shots up better than this high dollar one (and it has a tiny little flash). I'm sure I am doing something wrong and still reading the flash manuel. Even set to DTTL on the flash gives dark results. I'll keep reading and reading until I get it figured out. The flash is extremely bright I might say, and been shooting in Program mode (closeups are good, but around 7 or so feet looks dark). I am thinking that is some of my problem. I need to learn manuel camera adjustments.
Good thing the camera battery's are rechargable, and I bought rechargable AA's for the flash.
The D1X is a lot of camera. The more you explore the more you will get out of it. It will take some time.

I had a D1 and have a D1H. I do not use the flash often, but I always shoot in manual ttl with the shutter on slow sync. In general shooting I find that the photos require +0.3 to +0.7 on the exposure value (ev) button. Personally I shoot in Aperture priority and adjust the ev accordingly. Shooting in Manual will provide a lot more freedom. Just depends on your shooting style.

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