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Jul 1, 2003
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Here are a few of my pictures ive been taking i havea sony camera theres no optical zoom(which im working on buying a new one)
These are all taken within about 15 miles frmo my house i live in minnesota which is one of the most scenic areas
i suck real bad at taking close pictures
i recently tried to take a picture of a cardinal baby bird i found in a tree i got about 3 inches but my AUTO ZOOM DIDNT WORK
but it would have been a great picture to show you all
heres my pictures
You've got some nice stuff there. The only thing I could recommend is self editing. Always show your best work! And some of those photos look almost the same as others. But not at all bad.

Does your camera have shutter speed and aperature controls? Nice slow shutter speeds on a tripod are great for landscapes.
I'm liking the one with the white fence, there.

Minnesota unite. hehe. Rojita, what part of Mn are you from? I find it a little hard finding interesting things to take pictures of in my part of Mn. Maybe I'm just to used to the surroundings so none of it stands out to me. Who knows. </hijacking thread>
yeah thanks for the feedback/tips
the original photo is a thousand times better because its much better quality but i wanted to make it loadable
i do some photoshop editing too

Good idea about that longer shutterspeed to take in the picture at a slower but better rate

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