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    Oh but if you are on 2 minds about photography and the effort required I'd like to quote Abraxas on the effort paid to one of his pics...
    "The rock was about a quarter mile up a brushy canyon. At first I tried to catch a scene in the other direction, then turned around and snapped a shot. Didn't work. Moved closer. Didn't work. Moved closer. Didn't work. Kept doing this ad nausem until I was right on the rock and cursing myself for not bringing my gloves (it was stupid cold). Usually I don't do any hiking without them, especially if I may have to scramble on granite/sandstone. Figures- "Just take me second or two", I thought (30 minutes total)." -That's without the drive out to the locations etc.

    There's no doubting the Abraxas gets good shots but he doesn't get them for nothing.

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    If perfection was attainable it wouldn't be worth having ;)

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