I'm two seconds from strangling a Bride


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Dec 14, 2004
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Best photoshoot I ever had for an engagement, bar none. Huy who is WPJA photographer of the year liked it. David Beckstead liked it. Brooks Whittington liked it. I felt like I was talking to John Lennon about my work and they all liked it.
This is what I get from the bride:
My shirt is too long in the photos. Can you photoshop some pants in?
The really far away shot, can we make it really up close?
Can we make my fiance's shirt a different color?
And here is the latest....can you make my fiance's cheeks a different color? They are kinda pink.
He's a redhead. His cheeks are "kinda pink". If I change the skin tone, I will change it for her too, and then she will be "kinda blue".
This is the highest paying job I've had so far at 5,700. She wanted to make her shorts a pair of pants, (I made it a skirt), she wanted squinty eyes that I told her were squinty eyes, not squinty eyes, she wants a pink shirt to be red........God, I'm fed up. I would so like to give her walking papers, but we are talking about a lot of money. So I am off to make a red head not have "pink" cheeks. I'll have to do 10 layers to get it right for this person.
Some days I wish I never got out of bed.
Ouch...Just put a big clown head on her body with Photoshop. Tell her that's the best that can be done with software...and if she wants different colors or a different fiance, then you will have to re-shoot.
elsaspet said:
The really far away shot, can we make it really up close?

"No! Move your eyes closer to the photograph instead!" :lol:

When I got married I knew little about photography, but now I look at our photographers shots on the wall and am always impressed at how good they are! :thumbup:

A few years from now this girl might appreciate what you've done!
I had one client like that. Nothing was ever right and it was so frustrating! Makes you really appreciate the good ones, huh? :lol:
Bugger!! Was hoping to see some of your amazing photos xx She sounds like a true pain in the a#@^ whinger!! I think i did a make up trial on her evil Aussie twin 2 years ago... one of my most painful experiences. A highly freckled, red-head with a photo of 'Helena Christensen' (aka:worlds most beautiful supermodel!) and the request that she too would look like picture???!!! She wanted basically to look like someone else! ( A makeup artist's worst nightmare! I would have loved to do her my way but it was her way or the highway... After a hell of a session..... i hit the highway xx
You can always switch from people to animals! At least they will lick your hands and never complain..... Unless it's a tiger or something and then it's not a good idea to let them lick your hand.
just think of the money. when you get it in your hand it will be worth it
Oh no, Pete.
That is THE nightmare per se, after all that is going on now!
It would never occur to me to say: I want this changed and that changed, when in reality things are/were as they are/were. But maybe I am too down-to-earth in my thinking...
Well, if she wanted a red shirt or pants, perhaps she should have thought of that before showing up for her photo shoot. While we're at it, maybe she should have thought about her fiance's complexion before she agreed to marry him. :grumpy: As bad as she seems to you, that poor guy is signing on to live with her for the rest of his life. :lol:

My suggestion - after supressing the urge to strangle the life from her body (of course) - is to politely state that changing her wardrobe after the fact is extremely difficult and that as a red head, her fiance does have a pink complexion. I'd also remind her that you are a photographer, not a graphic artist and as such, your powers of photoshop magic are limited but that you would be happy to refer her to a graphic artist (or two) to make the changes that she wants. After all, she did hire you based on your photographic skills. :roll: Try not to take it too seriously. I know it's a lot of money but in every people intensive business, there's bound to be a twit or two. You've just managed to get one of the finer examples. :lmao:
I would imagine that the problem with having a client that can pay big $ for photos, is that they have had a privileged life and don't really appreciate the amount of work that is involved with any job. I think if I ever got to the point that I could make a living from doing photography, this kind of person is what would deter me from doing portraits.

I like the idea of Mike's of the clown portrait though. :)
Christie Photo said:
Oh... the best part is yet to come. In the end, she'll decide that maybe it was best before all the edits.


Yes, had someone at work f-ing and blinding about how the system now beeps. Mad as hell. Calls us back a week later "I miss the beep, can you put it back please?"...

Give her a cooling off period and do some basic edits... My money's with Pete and she'll change her mind.

Clients... bah - who'd have em?

Aww that sounds awful, I dont know whether to laugh for you or cry for you :shock:

If I were you Id just make the pics all bw :lol:

You might be able to use the sponge tool to decrease the red in his cheeks a bit though.
In our portrait studio in the Air Force,(30+ years ago), we had a sign in the
back wall of our studio that said. "If you want a better portrait, bring a better

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