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Jan 29, 2009
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Milton, ON Canada
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Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone has tried "" before?

I stubled across this one today and although i don't really like the interface, it does do most things I need and the cost is the best i have seen really.

Thanks for the input.
Have you seen this one?

I haven't used them much but the customers I have that have used them liked the prints. Their product list is a little over the top- 600 is a bit many to sort out but leaves a lot of room for marketing.
Ill be watching this thread. :) Im interested in something like this, but I dont want to pay $150 for a pro account at smugmug or what ever they charge now. Shouldnt have to pay a premium membership for something like this when they take a cut of the sales. :) But I also want a professional lab to print the prints.
I just recently started using smugmug. They allow for right click protection and allow you to password protect some galleries. plus there is no hassle with advertising when you want to send someone to view thier photos. It costs money to join, but the protection, layout, and unlimited storage pays for itself.

you get 5 dollars off if you use this coupon code bcSd7lEs74Stk. Good luck
Buddy found another one--
I use PhotoCart, same as Big Mike, it is a one time fee, with free updates and is a great application.
Tim will even set it up for you for a small fee if you are unsure how.

I would recomend this to anyone.
My favorite is white house custom colors and their online storefront called labprints. Very reasonable and no memberships.
I went with PhotoCart and love it-:)

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