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Apr 12, 2004
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Just got a slight query in regards to use of images.

I have been working recently for an organization involved in the SPL (Scottish football leagues) and having used all my own equipment and taken all the images myself of SPL football games, I recently used an image on a forum posted as a thumbnail type graphic of a rather humourous image I took. Now the guy who basically heads the media division I work under ( for free may i add! ) has complained about the images use and I was under the impression that said images I took were all of my own copyright until deemed otherwise?

Is this correct or am I missing a point here, due to where and how the photos were taken?

Appreciate any help :thumbup:
Probably best to contact a pro photographer or lawyer in your area.

A few things to consider. You were probably on private property (the stadium) when you took the shots. Any team or sponsor's logo is probably copyrighted.

Some times there is "fair use" which means you can use the image for news or something like that but not for commercial uses.

Other than that, if you took should be yours.

I'm not a lawyer.
I am going to second Mike's position. You really need to consult a lawyer on this, and give them the COMPLETE details of the incident.
US law is going to be different that UK law, or Scottish law if Britain recognizes such (sort of like US law vs. Navajo Nation Law), so a lawyer in this field is highly recommended.
Would not be up for taking it as far as that, situation has more than amicably been resolved, was mainly just to see if there were any clear lines in the sand.

The private property notion struck me as being a snag to the theory I own them. Other than that it's out of pure interest as opposed to needing to make plans for war :D

Thanks for the help !

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