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Feb 1, 2006
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in the middle of north carolina
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Awesome!!! This might be my favorite image of yours yet. :thumbup: I love the spottiness and grain. It suits the subject matter so well, too. This looks almost like a tin type to me. Great job! :)
Yes it is by far my favorite... I have been searching for something this might be it. I love shooting this camera to. It has the think before you act... the really sharp cheap lens.. and now the film that looks like it belongs to the 18th century. I think I'm going to keep playing with film and paper for a while, but the film is a lot more forgiving for sure.
The paper negatives definitely look like fun, but I agree your best stuff has come with film. This beauty here has it all going on. Fabulous contrast. :thumbup:
What a beautiful shot!
I really enjoy this type of image...when it's shot on film! Digital manipulations just don't cut it ;) Great job.
I fully expect terri to be on my case about whoring it up...
:biglaugh: You already know you did; I don't have to say a word!

Besides, it's your image. That means you get to do whatever you want with it. ;)
You showed me the way when I was lost...
You held my hand (figuratively) when I was down. Ect ect

Yeah, I rock. :mrgreen:

I would guess "whored up" is one of those subjective terms. One man's whored up is another man's "just looks good". ;) 's all right. :thumbup:
aahhhh, yes. :thumbup: Back on track.

This one and the first one up there are my faves so far from the cam.

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