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    I've been working on my website. I'm happy generally with the content although I need to add more to the galleries. I figure no more than 20 photos should be on each gallery. There are some galleries to add.

    What I need desperately is a new template. I've been looking at the templates on (can't get anybody else's templates to work with website baker) but there are only 2 or 3 black templates there and those need major editing before they're useable.

    But here you go -

    I decided to ditch the crappy flash-based slideshows. One guy complained the carousel made him want to puke. It did that to me too. Others said they spent more time playing with it than looking at the photos.

    The one slideshow that was supposed to be free had some crappy advertising on it and didn't look that great IMHO anyway.

    The linked html worked just fine but even though it's something I could set Photoshop Elements 2 to create, I wasn't that keen on it - it seemed to be a ton of messing about for something that should run off a straight database.

    Essentially I'm sticking now with the websitebaker gallery module and generally sticking to Websitebaker anyway. All I need is a decent template.


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