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Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by Lensmeister, May 15, 2005.

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    Hi this is a bit of a little problem and I need help and advice on this as it's a bit of a 2&8 (state).

    The picture below is of a team I took last weekend. THe heavens opened and down came the rain. As you can see from the rain drops against the dark background. ok the problem. One or two of the players are obsecured by water on the lens. Usually I have the camera away and safe until the picture, but there were other factors why water was on the lens owing to distraction by the kids.

    How do I get the picture looking right with no water on it? I have Paint Shop Pro 8 and a whole two weeks to sort it out.

    Ideas anyone ?


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    I'm sorry I can't really help you out. I haven't used Paint Shop for about 15 years! (was it even Paint Shop back then? I can't remember - but I made cool posters on that thing!)
    It is possible to clean it up but it'll take a long time.
    Have you got other photos with these people's faces, legs and bits that are stuffed up by the water on the lens in other photos? You might have to sort of paste people back together like that.

    Get your hands on Photoshop CS. Your photos will thank you.

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