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Jun 16, 2005
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My apology if this is in the wrong section.

I am going to be entering a very small photography contest later this week, and I am wondering what other people’s opinions are. The two categories are Landscape/Nature as well as Human Interest. Numbers 1-6 are the photos I am considering for the first category (I have decided to insert Architecture and Experiments into that section as well) and 7-9 are for the second category. Sorry it can’t just be a poll as 18 options just might be a little ‘over doing’ it, so a simple reply such as “# and #” would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

The photos in question

For better viewing of each





6.This link isn't the exact image, but one taken about 15 seconds before the printed version



9. (Her head is slightly cropped off in the pritned version)

Thank you very much
(Edit: It doesn't seem to be adding the first photo for quick viewing. Going to be trying to fix that.)
My picks:

Falling Sideways
Orange Crush
Jordan (even though you said you broke a rule, the rule was broken to a positive outcome. Prevents it from being a generic portrait.)

Can I ask what contest this is?
Thank you very much for the reply. I need to keep a tally of which ones people like, as I am split pretty much even on everyone myself. Unfortunately I haven't found out how to make the first picture 'show' so if a mod could fix that, it would be lovely. :)

seven said:
Can I ask what contest this is?

These are for a school photography contest, but I know there have been a few in the city lately (none of which I have entered) for example Swerve had one earlier this year, and after a quick look on google it looks as if there are several more.

Edit: Another one that people (everywhere) might be interested in in the Banff Mountain Photography Competition. The entries for this year were due on on May 1st but for future reference
I say go with 1 and 8. Very good by the way. And the reason flickr won't load the photo on this page is that you need to link back to the main flickr page or something. You have to include 2 urls that are by the pic
#3 and 9 for me :)
good luck brit :hugs:
Can't thank everyone enough for your replies, I am still in the process of deciding, but I can easily say this thread will help so much in the final decision.
Wow, okay, that was one of the toughest decisions I have had to make this year. The final decision: #1 and #8. I have been looking at them for the past 30 minutes (Mind you, it is 12:30 AM and I still have another hour of work to do), taking photos out, putting them back in. My goodness, how do people make these decisions for competitions that actually 'count' for something?

The human interest was by far the hardest though. Each one has their faults, and something I like about them that makes them unique from the others. It came down to #8 and #9, #8 being sharper and more 'in your face', but the eye is somewhat cut off, and in my opinion it works just because this is who Jordan was and it just speaks volumes about him, but I don't know if when the judges read my paragraph on the photo if they will think of that explanation as an excuse, or see what I am getting at. Then in #9, the contrast is better and water adds 'interest', but it isn't as sharp, she is looking out of the frame, and less of a story. Now that I find myself rambling, I know I am still uncertain. Ah well.

Once again, thank you very much for all of your replies!

Edit: So now it is 1:40AM and I have already changed my mind an additional 3 times and returned back at the same conclusion. I am apparently not the most 'resolute' type of person.

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