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Nov 13, 2005
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Milton Keynes U.K.(Formerly Ballycastle, N.I.
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Took this in Carnlough Harbour in Northern Ireland.

Tried to darken it down but dont seem to have done much of a job of it.

Taken with Canon EOS 350D and standard Lens

is there a bit of rainbow or it's just a cloud? I may see rainbows... I wanna colours and spring!
Well, the boats have some colour, don't they?
So don't whine ... though I feel like whining, too.
Sooner or (rather) later, spring will come!

And until it is here, we must come to TPF and enjoy every fleck of colour that we can see in other people's photos, such as this one! Thanks for giving us the colours, Conor.

I keep wondering whereabout in Northern-Ireland is Carnlough??? Can you tell me? What is close?
Right, thanks. Now I know where it is.
I've been to Glenariff Forest Park in summer of 2004 (and to the Giant's Causeway, of course, and along the Antrim Coast Road --- the last two things not for the first time in my life).

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