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    here is tom again. I don't really know what to say about the photo. Didn't really need any photoshopping. Tom is extremely tall (he's 6'9) so usually some part of his body ends up being cropped off, or else the picture would have to be taken further away and I didnt want that. Originally this was mean to be a fashion photo (I was going for a calvin klien effect) but i gues now you might call it emotive.
    I kinda like this one, but it didn't get alot of views in my gallery, maybe someone can tell me why

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    Without seeing more of his face I'm having a hard time connecting and relating your subject which imo is probably the largest deterrant to this picture. His pants seem to be a little twisted as well which keeps distracting me as well ...

    I think if you were to reshoot this have him looking up and either interacting with the camera and thus the subsequent viewers or something in the environment around him.

    Good work but I think it could still be improved :) Hope this helps a bit

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