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Sep 26, 2005
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I am currently reworking my website and I wanted to find out what you think about price listing on websites. I have seen three different options -

1. Full, detailed price list
2. Prices start at $$$ - all packages include ....
3. Please call for price info-

What do you think is the best way and why?

Just for me, as a consumer, I would like to see prices listed or at least enough listed to give me a ballpark figure.

Again, this is just me but when I do website searchs I tend to skip the ones that don't have prices listed and focus on those that do. I don't want to have to call because it seems that I get more answering machines than people.
Although I agree with Fred from a consumer standpoint, I disagree about having prices listed from a selling standpoint. I have found that those who are truly interested in my work will email or call to find out what my prices are. This way I also get to be more personal with them which helps me sell them on myself. Also, since I am still fairly new with my business I have had to tweak the pricing a bit as I am going along and since I don't update my own website with info like that it would be very hard to get it changed if I needed to.
But, I suppose if you are able to change your own website whenever you want and it's fairly easy to do it then I would try having a ballpark price range listed on there just to make things easier for the clients.
I also think that many people will not bother to call, to find out your prices.

Maybe if you are a really good salesperson, you could put the hooks into them with a call but with so many photographers having web sites, a lot of people just want to quickly compare prices.
I think it depends on your target market. If it's upper class/high dollar then you don't need to list your prices because money isn't as big of an issue. They aren't making decisions based on how much the photographer costs.

Most of my clients are 20 and 30 something, just out of college, and Their wedding photography is important to them, but they may have limited funds to spend on their wedding. I list my prices. I meet with prospective customers in person, and if I'm out of someone's price range, why waste everyone's time.
I include the full pricing for many of the reasons mentioned above. As a consumer I don't like to go to a website and not know what the fees are. I may love someones work, but if I can't afford it I don't want to waste their time with a meeting, etc. I used to have packages and I listed what was inclueded. Now I just use an hourly rate and have albums, DVDs, etc priced on the side.
I agree that it depends on both the type of clients you have and what you're trying to 'sell'. For portraits I don't find it necessary, as most people (at least the ones I have dealt with) that are interested will end up shooting me an email or calling. For weddings I think it is more important, and I wouldnt hesitate about putting my prices on the website. Just make sure you have alot of gallery photos to backup the prices :)

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