Index cards for a sports day - Please help!

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    I am about to take about 1000 photos at a local clubs sports day. They would like to then sell these photos onto the players

    They would like the players to be able to come in a few days later and look at the notice board and select images they are in and fill out an order form.

    Is there a program, or a template I can use that allows you to automatically print A4/A3 sheets with thumbnails of each photo with the image number written next to it?

    I would hate to sit in photoshop and re-size and label each image!

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks!!!

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    Just a *bump* and a quick reply, in photoshop there is under File --> Automate --> Contact Sheet II, and you can put in all of your requiremetns :) Hopefully that helps.
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    Thanks - after looking at Photoshop CS it's too easy!

    (From photoshop help file)

    To create a contact sheet:
    1. Do one of the following:
      • From the main menu, choose File > Automate > Contact Sheet II.
      • In the File Browser, select a folder of images or specific image files, and then from the File Browser menu, choose Automate > Contact Sheet II. The Contact Sheet II command will use all the images displayed in the File Browser unless you select specific images before choosing the command. You can always choose a different folder of images or current open documents after the Contact Sheet II dialog box opens.
      Note: Click to select an image in the File Browser. Shift-click to select a series of images. Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) to select noncontiguous images.
    2. In the Contact Sheet II dialog box, specify the images to use by choosing one of the following from the Use menu in the Source Images area:
      • Current Open Documents to use any image that is currently open in Photoshop.
      • Folder, and then click Browse (Windows) or Choose (Mac OS) to specify the folder containing the images you want to use. Select Include All Subfolders to include images inside any subfolders.
      • Selected Images from File Browser to use images displayed in the File Browser. All images in the File Browser will be used unless you select specific images before choosing the Contact Sheet II command.
    3. In the Document area, specify the dimensions, resolution, and color mode for the contact sheet. Select Flatten All Layers to create a contact sheet with all images and text on a single layer. Deselect Flatten All Layers to create a contact sheet in which each image is on a separate layer and each caption is on a separate text layer.
    4. In the Thumbnails area, specify layout options for the thumbnail previews.
      • For Place, choose whether to arrange thumbnails across first (from left to right, then top to bottom) or down first (from top to bottom, then left to right).
      • Enter the number of columns and rows that you want per contact sheet. The maximum dimensions for each thumbnail are displayed to the right, along with a visual preview of the specified layout.
      • Select Use Auto-Spacing to let Photoshop automatically space the thumbnails in the contact sheet. Deselecting Use Auto-Spacing lets you specify the vertical and horizontal space around the thumbnails. The contact sheet preview in the dialog box updates as you specify the spacing.
      • Select Rotate For Best Fit to rotate the images, regardless of their orientation, so they fit efficiently on a contact sheet.
      The Rotate For Best Fit option off and on
    5. Select Use Filename As Caption to label the thumbnails using their source image filenames. Use the menu to specify a caption font and font size.
    6. Click OK.

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