Iners of a court house

Kevin D Burns

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May 22, 2006
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it is really dark in this building so i had to use ISO 400 and a high EV forgive the grain.
Oh its beautiful! And the grain (in my opinion) works fine here. What great angles, too. I really like this one, Kevin. Nice work.
WOW, thanks. the lighting is so bad in this building, like 20 watt bulbs that cast a yellow light.
One of these days I am going to bring my tripod and do some long expo's. To get the natural color and detail.
In hopes it works as that will be a learning experience.
What does "EV" stand for?
(And I sometimes go to all the 1600 ISO my camera can offer if need be - though the "little Canon", the Powershot, also only goes up to 400 ISO).

I like what you got here and how!
Exposure value. It more or less just brightens or darkens the recorded image when the camera is in auto mode.

The down fall with high ISO is the grain. I normaly shoot at 50-200 ISO
my Minolta D7 goes up to 800 where my Nikon only goes to 400 with a default of 200ISO

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