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Discussion in 'The Professional Gallery' started by Moose, Oct 15, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    I know that am leaving this very late, but to be honest I only just thought to post here.

    Tomorrow night I am going to be shooting 2 inexperianced models for a club portrait session.

    Now I dont have a great deal of actual hands on experaince with portraits although I have done a session before and have taken the time to read alot and look at all your fine work for inspiration.

    One thing that I learnt from my last session of portraiture is, I think, Its a lot harder to be the photographer than the model.

    So with 2 new models on the go tomorrow night, does anyone have any tips on how I can make this an enjoyable experiance for them both. I do want to use them again some time.

    So far I have:

    - Selected about 10 poses each for the session
    - Developed a cheat sheet for them both on how to wear makeup, clothing requirements
    - Some general things like bring water
    - Provided copies of the poses I would like to use to each model in advance to help relax them, give them an opportunity to think about them and add any they would like to choose
    - Spoken to them both and outlined what the night is about and what I would expect as an outcome of that night

    I have a fairly firm theoretical knowledge of basic modeling etc etc and what to do, I also have a Portrait photographer on hand to help out.

    As a last ditch effort to make the most of this, I thought I would ask.

    Am I missing anything?

    Thanks in advance

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    be sure to give them plenty of praise during the session... i talk and talk and talk during all of my shoots... it relaxes the subject and makes them feel comfortable. I am forever telling clients how gorgeous they are and when they feel gorgeous, you will get your best shots.... as far as lighting etc,,, wait for someone else to come along... i am a natural light lover myself! x goodluck... look forward to seeing some if you post.
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    I dont have enough experience to offer any advice but

    GOOD luck!! I am also looking forward to your post!

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