Insomnia is good sometimes

Very very nice!
They really appeal, at least to me anyway.
Yeah I'd like to hear how 'twas done.
I love shooting neon, try the posterize effect on photoshop its great with neon.
The lens is the standard one that came with the Sony DSC-S85. It is listed at 4 or 3 mm to 50mm. I am saving to get a SRL but life interrupts that fund for now.

The light reflection off the lake was at 7mm and the Neon Sign one was at 12mm I believe.

Both shot off my of my tripod, both were set to ISO100 at the time of shooting.
Nightly calm
Aperture: F2
Shutter: 2.5secs

View from the Past
Aperture: F4
Shutter: 1/3 sec

The lines at the top are the support for the sign at the top of the building.
Wow... I love the colors in the "View From the Past."

What film were you using?

Great job! I love that purple tinge.

yum. Very nice. The first is a good picture but seems to standard I guess. If beautiful scenes can ever be "passe." The 2nd though is very nice. Very original. Great angle and good exposure for the moment. Great snap and a good stock snap if it is high enough resolution.
it was digital

I just forgot to change the setting on it.

Thanks for the comments. I really apprecaite them.

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