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    Dec 24, 2005
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    so what inspires you to shoot ?

    what do you look forward to more, the shooting, or afterwards ?

    What do you hope to create artistically when you shoot ?

    What do you end up learning about the world/yourself in the process. ?

  2. craig

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    Oct 30, 2003
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    I am constantly inspired by everything around me. Even more so now that I have moved to beautiful CA. Inspiration also comes from looking at art in all it's forms.

    I definitely look forward to the shooting more then anything. I enjoy post processing especially when that blooper turns out to be the best in the bunch.

    Artistically I am looking to evolve my own personal style.

    Have not thought too much about what I learn about the world or myself when working on my photography. Off the top of my head I learn to express my feelings.

    Love & Bass
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    These are the kind of questions I like to see on photography forums and as it's a rather wet and cold Friday lunch time here in Spain I'll waste a few minutes trying to answer.

    Anything and everything. Life and living.

    I rarely go out with any idea of what I'm going to shoot. I have themes and ongoing projects in mind, but no real goal other than enjoying my time. I very rarely understand why I'm taking a photograph at the time of taking - it just feels right, or intriguing, or challenging.

    I can't just go out and shoot. I need to explore an area. Absorb it and start to try and understand what interests me. But, very little conscious creative thought goes into the process. It's more an instinctive intuition with more focus of mind on the technical aspects.

    The shooting is time for free thinking enjoyment. I look forward to it, but the joy for me (particularly as a film shooter) is the afterwards. Getting the results and then trying to understand why I took a particular shot. Why it works for me and wondering whether anyone else will see what I see. Long hours of contemplation and even meditation. As an artist, it's almost as if the finished photograph itself is the muse rather than the subject of the photograph.

    A muse for myself and a muse for others. A single image that can take myself (or, any other viewer) on a long journey of contemplation. Something very beautiful in a very unfamiliar way.

    Little and much. On the whole I think it's all about escapism from rules of the World rather than leaning any specifics. Perhaps being very satisfied in the thought that I will never be wise enough to know it all and that there will always be plenty of new stuff to explore.


    All of the above is in reference to my rather pretentious Fine Art Photography. There are of course many other reasons for enjoying photography. For myself, it is the pure escapism of art that gives me the most pleasure.
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    i've never really been able to properly explain why i pick up a camera. but, it's pretty much the ability to capture the world around you and hold it in your hands (provided you print, of course).

    my reasons are childish, but the whole idea of the photograph blows my effing mind.
  5. DeadEye

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    Just about anything interesting. Mostly wildlife that few get to see.

    The shooting.. but there would be no shooting without the afterwards.

    The seeing and the feeling of the moment or and the vision .

    Sometimes (not often) I learn what to do (personal victory). Mostly I learn what not to do (this leads to more frequent victorys):lol:.

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