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Jan 7, 2005
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A bride-to-be just walked into my studio. She told me some recent tragedy is threatening to cause her to cancel her wedding. It was an accident that put both her dad and fiance out of work.

She proposed that in exchange for wedding photography, she would provide me with advertising and marketing. She is approaching all vendors for her wedding, from the dress maker to the baker, the florist to the banquet hall. The plan is to list all sponsors on a program, put up signage and submit stories to local newspapers.

I found this interesting.

I told her I'd have to have money.

Oh well.

I told her I'd have to have money.
Good call. Especially as you are already well established. This might be of interest to someone just starting out, wanting to get some publicity...but even then, I wouldn't want it known that I work for trade.
That's something that I decided from the start... I NEVER give away photography. From time to time, I'm approached for a donation to a fund raiser. I've given away framing, but never photography.

But I will work for trade, so long as I get something I want. Once it was with a grocer. I ate good that year! And, I haven't paid for a haircut in more than ten years.
I was thinking that working for trade wouldn't actually be that bad in some cases. The Barter System :thumbup:

But you make a good point about not giving away photography. I think it can work for some people but I think the important part is to decide on a policy and stick to it as much as possible.
I just recently donated a print for a charity auction, but I am getting 3-4 months of advertising out of it and it was a very inexpensive print. It's a 18x24 poster that cost me $6. Awesome deal.The barter that your bride to be has proposed doesn't sound like a good deal to me either. Unless it were tax deductable.
Good call! If her wedding were televised, maybe...

But having her friends and family know who the wedding photographer is...well, presumably they'll figure that out when they see you snapping pictures... :lol:
We have been doing some pro bono stuff for non profit and church organizations. This is for two reasons, one because in both situations we are getting tax write off's, and two, we are getting some kind of promotional stuff along with the tax write off. Never ever give a wedding away for free.
It would depend on exactly what kind of advertising and marketing, but I probably would have said yes. It would be helping someone in a really tough spot out, and you know she'd give you some excellent referrals. That's just me though.
Really her offer would not provide much more advertisement than normally shooting a wedding. You get just as much exposure chatting with guests and handing out cards. Whats the best business you can get while shooting a wedding? I would guess that another couple of guests will hire you to shoot their wedding in the future, but even a 30 second conversation with them will go further than all the signs and pamphlets in the world.
I would say no way, publicity isn't worth the impression that you are a cheap photographer.

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