international society of photographers info???

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Dec 29, 2005
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Hey guys just received a load of stuff from the international society of photographers. any one got any info or nolage about them cheers:thumbup:
Sounds like a scam to me.
I googled it and found these

It'll probably be similar to "Circle of Photographers" or
Surprise surprise if you scroll to the bottom of the third link you find a web address -

Both tell you you've been awarded some title and try to get you to buy a book before they print it. I was a semi finalist in the site then received a letter saying i was to be published in a book and what an honour it would be. A large hardback book with my picture in it. I could hardly contain myself (yawn) I had only submitted a 160kb thumbnail so I knew they were just a bunch of cowboys - at the size i submitted my image would have been about the size of a stamp!!!
It turns out it was a book of thumbnails - i found that out via various forums including this one (i think)

What kind of international society doesn't have it's own website???

It's a scam - hope you haven't parted with your money yet!!

PS I was typing that while googling in another window so that's why it sounds a bit odd in parts!!!
cheers thought it sounded a bit fake. Im not to sure where they got my image from :S. Just thought id cheek it out be for it got thrown on the fire lol

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