Interview With a Mod: Meet LaFoto!


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Sep 2, 2003
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If you’ve been around The Photo Forum for any length of time, you probably know the name LaFoto. She is our European liaison, and always has a thoughtful reply to an image or a funny story to tell. We thought it was time everyone got to know her a little better! So, without further delay….

meet LaFoto!

Would love to see your Interview LaFoto!!
but I get a big serious:
Access denied

is that normal? :(
Ooops. TERRI!!!
Yep, we're thinking something is squirrelly with the TPF front page permissions at the moment.

When I'm logged out, I can't access it, either - when logged in, it's working fine, as are all links. This wasn't set up any differently than the last couple that have been up, so give us some time and someone will holler out when it's corrected.

Sorry for the delay! It happens to be a great interview, so you'll want to check back. :sexywink: <<<----that was a "teaser". :lol:
that was a great interview :D :D :D thanks you both :)
Thanks for fixing! :mrgreen:

It was very nice meeting you lafoto!!!:hug::
I don't write often but I enjoy your work and your posts very much!

Hey! I know some German!!! eine klein beer bitte!? :lol:

awesome interview, LaFoto is such a huge part of this forum, it would be lacking something special without her... thanks Corinna for sharing all your wonderful comments and photos! your ideal meal had my mouth watering and your "lost in translation" stories still have me cracking up... :lol:
great interview, it's always interesting to know more about other members. It was a pleasure reading about you Lafoto :)

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