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Jan 24, 2008
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Yorktown, VA, USA
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My name is Rachel, I live in Virginia in the Hampton Roads area, although I am originally from the south east of England, I like it here in the US, although sometimes its a little bit to hot and humid for my liking in VA.

I bought my camera (Canon Powershot S3IS) a year ago after playing around with my husbands OLD point and shoot, we were doing allot of sight seeing and I realized how much I enjoyed taking pictures.

I chose the S3 because the price was right and it seemed like a great stepping stone form the old point and shoot to a DSLR which I hope to buy some time in the next year. i have learnt such a lot, and I continue to learn all the time, I don't think I can ever read enough about cameras and photography....

Well anyways that me, Hope to see you on the other forums soon.:mrgreen:
Hi Rachel, pretty kitty face in your avatar! Welcome.
Welcome to the forum Rachelsne. I like your avatar, that's one badass cat. We've got a good forum here, good group of people (myself not included). And there is definitely a lot you can learn from the people on here. See you around.
Hi Rachel, welcome to the forum from Indiana. Glad you joined us. Have fun, it's a great forum.

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