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Introducing myself.


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Mar 4, 2012
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Hello everyone, i am fairly new to digital photography.My son gave me a Canon SX220 last Christmas, i find it a great camera but can be complicated. I have been very very lucky with some photos iv taken most of them i took on kids and pets. Im not too sure if i have the camera set up properly so i will study all the info that is here on the forum and hope to get a lot of help here. I live in Ireland so i think with most of the members there is a big time difference between us.Look forward to reading and posting. Tina.
Welcome to the forum Tina. I am in Ireland to but work shift, this forum always has someone on it. Enjoy
Thank you for replying to my introduction. I`m sorry it has taken me a few weeks for me to do so. I`v been tied up with doing other things so hopefully i will have more time to concentrate on learning digital photography.


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