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    I'm new to the forum, so let me say hello first, Hello!

    Anyway, I recently inherited some photography equipment through my Grandfather and within his cache of photography things I cam across something called an IRISCOPE KIT. The kit contains the following:

    - 3 Small Viles of Dye (they are labeled as followed)
    +Iriscope Red Dye
    +Iriscope Blue Dye
    +Iriscope Greeen Dye

    - A vile of Iriscope Cement

    - A bit of wrapped blotting papers and what looks to be transparancies

    - A hand written note from CA Birch-Fiels Studio's, New York ( I can't really read what it says, the writing is a bit sloppy.

    -...and lastly instructions.

    I tried to some internet research but it came up with nothing. Could someone help.

    I would love to get rid of it, as I have no use for it. So, if anyone has any interest please let me know.

    Happy Day!


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