Is it Photography?

very interesting... doesn't really matter to me what you call it... :thumbup:
Oh my, looky there at all the Photoshop instructions.

I won't comment on whether or not it qualifies as photography, but I will say it doesn't qualify as an alternative photographic technique in the traditional sense - so I'm moving this thread over to the graphics tutorials forum. ;)
i bet his scanner stinks... all those onions and garlic food stuffs all over it!
Is it photography?? Hmm, tricky one. If photography is capturing an image, then sure - it's photography. It's very shallow DOF macro work really I suppose. I liked the shrimp a lot and I can see it could be a very cunning way for a photographer to expand their stock or product portfolio to include very high-res shots.

ksmattfish said: definition of photography doesn't even require a camera.

And, at least at one time, neither does the PPofA's. YEARS ago, when they were trying to get the certification program up and running, the exam included questions about Xerox "photography."

I'd say it's photography.... and some very nice photography at that.

I may be starting a big argument here but to me, it's not photography.
If there is no control over shutter speed, exposure, aperture then it's not a photograph.
No doubt someone will bring up the greek meaning "painting with light" but plenty of words have changed their meaning (or added meanings) over the years but still get used for their original purpose. eg "gay"
No control over the image other than placing stuff on a scanner doesn't do it for me i'm afraid. You can't even check composition until you've scanned it so it's trial and error to get it right.

No skill involved so I'm afraid, for me, it's not a photograph.

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