is it really bad?


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Oct 9, 2005
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Seattle, WA
I took the picture in the pub, very low light, but at some moment the evening sun beamed through the blinders, and I caught the moment my friend tried to protect her eyes from the light.
I thought this is an interesting picture, even with the elbow cut off, but that lady thinks its really bad. What do you guys think?
i think it's a great concept. however, i think that the region of her face around the mouth has the highlights somewhat blown out (or just very bright). maybe adjust the levels just a tad so it's not so bright.

nice shot though! hope to see the edit soon!
Try a B&W version? The luminosity of her face would be well portrayed in B&W, and many people find B&W flattering.

Of course, I'm sometimes considered a radical B&W freak....

Nice shot, though! Even if she doesn't like it, I do.
^^ i agree with both of the above statements... ;)
I like this one, too, and cannot say it is "too bad".
But you might actually want to try out the b+w path to see what that will give you... she might not like this one because the skin tones, bright as they became in the shaft of light, do remind me of wax in a way... and this might go in b+w?

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