Is the D80 ever on sale????


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Jan 31, 2005
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I've been sort of tracking the only ad that I get in my paper from a camera store (Ritz/Wolf Camera) for a while now, since I'm about ready to get a DSLR, and I never see the Nikon D80 on sale.

The D40, D40x, Canon XTi, 40D, Pentax K100D, K10D, K100D Super have all been or are on sale or have or had some kind of rebate going on the past couple months.

I've seen the price come down on some web vendor's sites, but not locally.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is it because they're popular and don't need incentive to move? Is it related to the sales associate at the local Wolfs talking to me all about Canon and not Nikon even when I ask a Nikon question?

I really want to buy local, and not necessarily from the only advertiser in my paper, and all the prices are close, but not to my knowledge ever discounted on the D80. (Or the D200/D300 either as far as I have seen)

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I kinda feel that if you did see it on sale locally you could buy at B&H or AMORAMA for the sale price or better... just my opinion.
yeah but he said he wants to buy locally. Supporting business in your area is very respectable. Why not go talk to them about price and see if you can strike up a deal?
I'm a Canon man and I expect them to do rebates in June and December, maybe it's the same for Nikon?
If your looking to buy locally you can't really complain too much about the price. Plus, the d80 is a higher end consumer/semi-pro camera so they probably sell less of them than the lower models. If they sold more there's a better chance they might go on sale every once in a while.
I was told by my local shop that Nikon was supposedly going to be taking off $100 this month sometime just on the d80.
emg35 - I hope so. My plan for now is wait until the Thanksgiving weekend or after in the hopes that this (or anything really) happens. I can pay full price now, but who doesn't like a deal ;). Plus, I've been saving/waiting for a little over a year now, so a week or so won't kill me.

Antithesis - I agree, and I don't expect to beat B & H or Adorama or any other online retailers. I'm just surprised that I never see it on sale anywhere. Is that really how it works? The better sellers gets the discounts? I've not studied marketing at all, and it sounds counter-intuitive to me, but maybe you're right.

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