Is there such an ailment as "photographer's arm" or "wrist" or "elbow?"


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Apr 21, 2011
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Because I have it. My right arm and wrist hurt so much that I find it hard to pick up my 2 year old daughter. I think it may be caused by carrying around my DSLR for extended periods of time, or possibly from carrying a heavy briefcase.

Very painful. :cry:

Has anybody else experienced this? How can I fix it besides rest?

It sucks...
I would go with ice/heat and try not to pick up anything too heavy for a few days.
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Sounds like "tennis elbow".
And you pick up your daughter with those hands?! :wink:
Sue Nikon for damages, lost wages and the mental damage due to never being able to achieve a natural erection again.
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I'm 43. I assure you this is not the problem. :er:



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