Is there such an ailment as "photographer's arm" or "wrist" or "elbow?"


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Dec 9, 2006
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It might be from carrying your year old. We just had a week's vacation with our three and almost one year old hanging onto their Dad nonstop, and at the end of it Mr. Squirrels was complaining of tendonitis of his (I'm not making this up)..anatomical snuff box.

Apparently that's related to the hand/wrist?

Anyway if you are lifting your daughter with the same arm all the time, you might try switching it up.
That is an excellent point. I pretty much wrecked my elbow carrying my kid around

I really hurt my back last week from carrying around my youngest. Of course, he's 19 and 6'1". ;)

Seriously - I have tendonitis that flares up frequently - even from holding a phone - seems to be a tightly closed elbow that gets me. Have it checked and you'll probably have to wear one of those bands below the elbow.

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