Is this a big deal?


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Nov 15, 2011
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Or at least sort of a big deal?? Getty images just requested to license 24 of my photos :D

......Whatever I'm excited even if its not really a big deal hahaha :D
How did they find them?
I don't have my Flickr page set to be available to Getty; I'd suggest reading Terms & Conditions so you know what amount of usage you'd be paid for. My preference would be to have an agreement with limited and specific usage of my photos, I probably wouldn't agree to unlimited or exclusive or second party usage, etc.
RF licensing pays pennies. RM licensing can add up to real money.

RF = Royalty Free. Royalty-free - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
RM = Rights Managed Rights Managed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Does Getty have a client that wants to license the 24 images, or do they just want to add your 24 to the thousands, and thousands they already offer for licensing.

If an actual human being culled the 24 from your portfolio (ie you can see a recurring theme, style, or other element that would make them viable as stock images) then that represents a capital investment in labor on their part, and thus may indicate an increased likely hood of sales. Maybe.

Either way, what do you have to lose? And do insist on RM. RF benefits basically Getty and not you.
OP, Good for you!

I sent Getty Research Institute a 33 page, sample hand printed portion of my 157 page limited eidtion hand printed book for approval. They would never answer my emails, so I knocked on their door with a protoype of the book.

After a few months it came back with a stamp on the box stating 'X Ray - Passed GRI' and a letter inside saying NO is outside of scope.

This was a gift of a $4800 limited edtion book that is in the special collections of Oxford, Columbia, British Library, V & A UK, Berkely, Rutgers, RISD, Amherst, ICP, CA State Library Archives Sacramento and on and on. Getty said no thanks to it for free.

If they knocked on your door wonderful! I couldn't get anywhere with Getty even after breast feeding it to them.

The 2 favoite excuses for rejection from museums are: 'outside of scope' (collecting mission) and 'out of room.'

Post up some of the pix they picked out. We would like to see them. i looked at some of your stuff, but Flickr is pretty slow. What i saw was nice.
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Nice snaps, especially the last. Not sure why they'd want the protected Aurora Disney dress ones, but ...
I hope it is the real mcoy, and if so, good for you, but the fact that they've chosen an image that I doubt they could use makes me wonder just a little bit if there isn't something fishy. I've seen some pretty friggin' good PayPal notices telling me that I need to do this or that with my account, hopefully this is NOT something like that.

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