Is this an Ansel Adams?


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Jun 28, 2013
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Found it at an Antique store, it was mounted on carboard or some sort, so I steamed it off to see if I could find a signature or stamp and there was nothing on it. So I am out of luck, anyone recognize it? $photo (1).JPG
On first glance, I'd say no. Looks too flat, too unintentially blurry in spots (more apparent when enlarged), and the wrong tone.
But I'm far from qualified from saying so definitively. I'm going by what I see in his photos, but someone who knows his work better might know of an earlier period or later period of his work that this might fit into.
are you nuts?
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Question, would Ansel have cut off the limbs of the tree on both sides? (Not versed enough to know).

Highly unlikely if it was a solo tree like that.

Also, it might be a bad scan or print, but if you enlarge the picture posted by the OP, you'll see how flat and blurry a lot of the picture seems to be. Adams shot large-format, which would have picked up a lot more detail and depth.
Doesn't scream Ansel Adams to me either and even less so once you enlarge.
Is it a not very well made photo of a photo found in an antiques shop?

At any rate it is not a photo I have ever seen before, regardless who may have made it.
Adams re-printed many of his images as new darkroom techniques or darkroom technique ideas came to hand. Consequently, there are several somewhat differnt looking versions of many of his prints.
It doesn't seem to have detail, and the left side of the tree doesn't look sharp, so I doubt it based on the quality.

Is it a photo or a print? I wouldn't think he would have done a print of this quality or that it would be unmarked; if it's a photograph I suppose there could be a remote possibility that it could be a very early photo he might have done when he was still learning. Seems like a longshot though.

I suppose you could contact the gallery that jowens linked in her post.

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