Is this lens compatible

It's going to be manual focus only. Minimum aperture of f/8 is not going to allow autofocus even if the lens has a built-in autofocus motor (which I doubt). It doesn't appear to have image stabilization, which doesn't really mean anything since a tripod is going to be a necessity at that focal length. Not to mention the fact that for that price the optics are probably garbage.

Without having ever used that lens, my advice would be to steer clear of it. Where optics are concerned you get what you pay for and in that case you aren't paying for very much at all.
Save your money for a real lens. You'll find this lens is built with one purpose in mind..... to get sold to the uneducated masses.

Yes, it WILL fit on your camera. But I think you'll end up with a £237.56 baseball bat fairly quickly.

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