is this true? (d70s question)


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Mar 25, 2005
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my cousin has a nikon d70s. he says there is no input for a cable release. He also say his last nikon slr didnt have one either

Sounds a bit odd to me, is this true or is just mistaken?
It has a port or jack for a remote release. This is an electronic release, not an old style 'cable release' that would have attached to the shutter itself. It works in exactly the same way.
yea i think he's mistaken, pretty sure theres one on there. Also the D70s works with the same remote release i'v got for my D50, just uses infra red.
The D70s has a port for a MC-DC1 remote cord and also a sensor for the ML-L3 Wireless Remote.
sorry i meant to say remote release rather than cable.

I thought he must have got it wrong. I will have to tell him.

Thanks everyone

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