Is your gear Insured?

Which insures all your equipment except in the case of natural disasters ;)
State much did it cost to get your equip added on?
^^^ Depends on the value of the equipment.

If you already have homeowners/renters insurance, contact the insurer with the info of your equipment (including serial numbers and value) and they'll provide a quote.
Hell yeh.... part of the homeowner's policy which covers damage and theft while outside the home.

Insuring the equipment is cheap enough that there is no reason not to do it.
^^^ True, it's very cheap. Going by memory, mine was about $30 for 2 SLRs and 3 lenses.
I know mine is about $50 a year for about $4000 worth of equipment, pretty cheap in you ask me.
yes, liberty mutual. It is a rider on my homeowners policy. It includes repairs as well.
State Farm add on.

$1.70 per $1,000.00 of covered value.
$0.00 deductable full replacement

It's cheaper if you don't make any money off the equipment. Since I do charge for photos then I had to cover it at the "professional" rate.

maybe I should, though not sure what the insurance exactly covers. So if I drop it and it my fault its broken will they pay to replace or fix it? I hate insurance cause I never use it, car insurance is a great example, if something get damaged to my vehicle I fix it myself.
State Farm person here, since I don't charge for my pictures it is insured as part of my homeowners. My agent has a list of all the serial numbers (except for the D300 which I have to get to him) before I take it out.

Covered for theft and fire as part of my homeowners (I checked twice).

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