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Jul 7, 2003
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Portland OR USA
Well, part of one anyway... again, sorry for the crappy scan (kinko's, first time using a mac, in a hurry...)

I cropped a ton from this one. There was a little girl in it, but she was surrounded by the black, and it was just too much and totally unbalanced the image. So I decided to just go for the abstract.

...i'm rather taken with this shot, it has a sense of movement

Would you care to share some spec's with us, oriecat?

Film, rating, dev' etc

Did you push it a bit?

Would like to see the original frame, too...

Chance ???


i think its a great shot .... im a fan of abstract as well ... makes it more mysterious 8)
Yes I like this dosn't matter what you cropped, you cropped it an it works nice one! 8)
Thanks everyone!

e_, I knew I was forgetting something! :) It's Ilford HP5 400, regular development, printed on Ilford MGIV (RC, Pearl), no filters. Don't know exposure info, as I have a terrible habit of using the autos (unless playing with depth of field) which I am trying to break, but I hate where the dials are on my Nikon. I need to get a light meter so I can use my Mamiya/Sekor.

Here is the almost full frame:
the full shot is a great photo as well, very creative work.... keep up the good work :D
...thank you very much, oriecat

I enjoy any opportunity to view the before/after of an image that's been cropped

Knowing how an image has been cropped following its capture through a lens can tell the viewer much about the photographer

Often the crop will simply correct framing and compositional errors - or, as in this case, create a whole new image

I like each of them, but for different reasons

My preference, having seen them both, is the original

I like your work!



P.S..... and you, of all people, walking into my developing bay over in the dark room - when the door's closed and its sign's up!



Thanks again for your thoughts, e_! I think I need to pin the print up and live with it for a while to see what I think about it. Onscreen the black doesn't seem to be as unbalanced as it seemed in the print. I don't know if it's a scanning thing that slightly altered the tones or if I'm just getting used to it or what...
oriecat said:
...I think I need to pin the print up and live with it for a while to see what I think about it...

... what a shame this pearl is hidden at the bottom of a thread

As photographers, ALL of us need reminding on occasion of this simple, yet most effective method for improving our images

Thank you, oriecat!



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