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Nov 26, 2005
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lately i feel like i've been losing my zest (i love that word) for life. everything seems so dull. even things that i love to do like photography, or even posting here seem strangely insignificant all of a sudden. i can't seem to motivate myself to do anything besides sleep, eat, and go to school. at first i thought it was just some personal issues that i've been working through but it's just been getting really wierd...

sorry for my ranting... i'm not even sure why i just posted this here...but oh well
Bull****! I’ve looked at your linked photos… You have a passion for photography! Get off your ass and do what you love! Don’t let a bad mood slow you down.
It sure only is a stage you're going through --- triggered by whatever. You might not even be able to find out. But something was there, a reaction in someone that did not come, a reaction that did come and has more impact than you care to admit, workload with things to do for school, spring tiredness (which is frequent and happens to many, contradicting all that spring usually means like "new life", "everything fresh" and so on) --- I suggest you sleep lots but not too much (sleeping too much makes listless and tired!), do what you have to do, and don't put too much into the stage of personal low that you are going through right now. It has come from somewhere, so it will also go again.

And with the first FLICKER of desire to go out and take photos, go out and take photos. If there is one out of 110 taken pics that you like, you ARE on your way out of that hollow. I am sure.
I have to agree with depthafield. When you feel unmotivated get up and do something. Grab your camera and go take some photos or do something new that will motivate you.
I think we can all identify with this occasional listless feeling. It normally happens when things get on top of you, but it can just so easily happen when things are going normally too.

Set yourself a few small achievable targets with respect to your hobbies - if you play a guitar, invite some friends round to jam, if you photograph things, think of a mini-assignment and go out and do it. A little bit of focus (no pun) can work wonders on distracting you until you feel zestier.

Good advice Rob! :D

Slick...everyone here is right...we do all go through this from time to time. Just try not to focus on the not so good stuff, ok?
Yeah, that happens sometimes. Some of it might be that you're burnt out. Taking a couple days to do nothing at all can help you recover, and if you feel bad for not doing anything for a while that can be good motivation.

Try picking small projects and working on them. Make them things that are easy to accomplish but are worth while.

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