It's been a while...did you miss me?!


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Dec 11, 2005
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Dallas, GA
Wow...I haven't been here in a long time! I've been busy and haven't even had time for my camera, unfortunately :(

I've only picked it up once since I was last here, and that was for someone else who wanted a picture of my dog, Sydney in her new collar (she won the collar). Anyway, this one is awful with the lighting and focus, but I loved her expression and wanted to share since I have some time! Hopefully I'll have more time this week since I'm out for spring break :)

she sure is a pretty thing, my Riley is looking more like her everyday... not so much a puppy anymore...
Thanks! One nice thing about Sydney is that she retains a lot of the puppyish quality about her (personality-wise).

I have so many pictures of my dogs, but none that I think are worthy of posting here! I just liked her "come hither" look she has in that picture! LOL!

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