It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!


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Jan 29, 2005
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Sorry Bace... :lol:

So, what's everyone doing this weekend then? Me and the camera are going to Brighton to partake in the local activities. Staying in a hotel tonight and tomorrow, so guaranteed alcoholic activity and free full English brekkie. Mmm.

<---- Hopefully this is what it will look like!

You lot?
saturday.... working just for a change like :grumpy:

Sunday if I'm feeling better shooting the BSB race at Donnington
friday evening - english course and dancing classes :)
saturday - huge cleaning in the house and meeting of the board of photo society. and lots of studying maths for exam
sunday - "me" day... if the weather's fine I'll take the camera and drive by the seaside!
friday? you guys are soo slack.. its nearly saturday here! anyways i'm gonna work through the weekend. Hope everybody has fab weekend!
I'm having an argument with myself about whether or not to take my camera to see a band tonight, I know I'll end up very drunk but then I'm so paranoid about it when i'm sober it might be 'ok' when I'm drunk...
i was supposed to take a buttload of pictures for the college newspaper but somebody took the battery for the newspaper camera i have, and doing it with film would take too long to have developed/scanned

so instead i'm going to attempt to build a pinhole camera, would just use photo paper but i decided to go with 400 speed 4x5 film instead, never used or built one before, can't wait to get started

anybody know how long it usually takes for mpix to send stuff you order (usps)?
Tonight is up in the air still. Several options, but nothing really solid.

Saturday I should be involved in a nice poker game with the ladies and gents of my "crew".

Sunday I'm actually going to a Scientology meeting. I'm hoping they brainwash me into a deeper meaningful existence.

And Rob, no apology necessary, it's nice to have a break sometimes.

I'm screwed. Last night I was out watching some improv with some buddies from work and just hanging out, and I had a latte with 4 shots. Dumb? Yooouuu betcha. I was up until 3:30am before I finally could get some sleep...and I woke up at 6:30am to begin getting ready for a 9 hour day of working on computers. I am so stupid! lol, I seriously gotta stop doing that.

Other than that, I think I'm staying pretty busy... tonight I think some friends have plans that they are including me in but which I know nothing about, tomorrow I've got a few things going on, I play guitar at church on Sunday for both morning services, then lead worship for the youth group at night. Man, sometimes I wish I could not schedule anything for my weekends, and that I could just sleep...
Friday night....nothin..
Saturday and Sunday are both sunny days, so Im gone with the camera and my pooch, someplace.
worked today and now i have to do some school stuff. Maybe going to a friend tonight. Tomorow i have to work in the mornin and when i get back home, i have to study again. Havent got plans for the night. And sunday ill be learning once again. Maybe going to the birds of prey demo in the afternoon, depends on the weather though.

Saturday. Walk. Red Cross Cyclone Relief. Leadership Forum for National Youth Week. Back to Red Cross. Red Cross Board Meeting. Basketball Australian Opals vs America. Post Match Function. Drinking with prospective bf. Drunk. Going home with prospective bf. No longer prospective bf.

Sunday. Hung over. Study. Read book on The deregulation of Not for profit organisation accounting reporting procedures. Still hung over. Re read book on the deregulation of not for profit organisation accounting reporting procedures because didn't take it in the first time.

Monday...thank god..what a hell of a weekend
Seems to be the weekend for charity stuff for me (all hitting at once). Tonight it's Easter Seals (disabled kids) info meeting for potential sponsors, tomorrow it's a 5K charity run/jog, and Sunday it's a gala fundraiser for the Hospital for Sick Children, where I've been assigned to be a parade mascot (costumed animal of some sort - hope it's not a cow or pig or anything like that!) and then help out at a percussion instrument activity booth for the kids for 4 hours.

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