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Jun 21, 2004
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What's on tap for the weekend?

Not much here. The local community center has an Easter breakfast and egg hunt tomorrow so I think we will bring the kids there. The company that Aubrey was working for decided to close down for the spring/summer which means he's job hunting again. Sadly the economy in NH isn't the best for his line of work so it's been frustrating to find a new job. I remember while back there was a memeber here who said that the weekends weren't much fun when you are unemployed because it's two days you know nobody is going to call with an offer.....we can fully understand that now!
hey alison....

feel for ya'll... went thru that before..sorry it happens over the easter holiday...

but playing with little hobb-ett will help the blues...!

easter.... family and in laws.....maybe i can keep myself from driving off a bridge...............maybe.
heading out shortly to nyc to retrieve my family. won't have scoob to keep me company this time, he's on his way to key west...lucky dog! hope i dodge the rain.

Happy Easter!
Tonight's poker night at my apartment. I'm going to take off work a bit early and come home and clean my butt off...this place is a freaking mess. It should be fun though, provided people actually Then tomorrow is...I dunno what it is. I'll probably catch a couple shows downtown. Then Sunday of course is Easter. I play bass for the two church services in the morning, and then luckily there's no youth group so I get to relax the rest of the day :D
Well, I'm leaving in an hour for a little minor surgical procedure on my back. So that probably means I'll spend the rest of today and tomorrow under the influence of narcotics... Sunday is Easter with the family, in-laws, and out-laws... Not much planned - just hope I can move around...
I hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed weekend.:heart:

alison - hope he finds something soon...
AR - sorry about the in-laws... ;)
DDave - hope your injections go well, i probably should have had them, but I'm stubborn, let us know how you are... try to have a good Easter weekend... although I know it can be tough when in pain... I had a herniated disc making my life miserable for Christmas '04 :thumbdown:

I get to work a half-day today... which basically means I will only be on TPF for a half-day! My 5yo nephew is having a campout at our house tonight, we are going to dye eggs and have a generally fun time. Then it's Easter in park tomorrow, I'm taking photos. Then my wife's family stuff after that, Church on Sunday, then my family's stuff after that. Busy but fun...

:albino: HAPPY EASTER Everyone!!! :albino:

Well let's see...tommorrow is the deadline for yesterday I called and made my apointment, and I'm having them done today! :lol: Yeah...when you pay in you're not exactly super motivated to get it done early! :lol: Dunno what this weekend has in store exactly. Sunday is Easter...not TOTALLY sure what is going on then either...supposed to have dinner with my brother and his family, but Erik doesn't even know if he works or I may be going with his family too. We'll see.
I took Monday off work as well, to make an extra long weekend. Today I had planned to go hiking, but it has been raining.
Tomorrow, I might be headin north, to look for abandoned places, maybe see if I can tresspass or something.:lol:
Sunday, Im hoping to get out on the bicycle for a nice ride, and do some yard work.
Monday...depends on the weather. Maybe hiking, or a downtown walk, or if it rains, I will do the Science Center.

Have a great weekend everyone.
I have the afternoon off (yay!) after enduring a day or 2 of hell at work. :x But thinking about Aubrey makes me shake it off a little. I've been there, and I know how it feels. :hugs: You should check out Atlanta, it's bustling. We have Duke's here, too. :mrgreen:

I've been outside with Odin and it is a beautiful day! :sun: Gonna enjoy a rare quiet afternoon.

Tomorrow we're off to visit friends, fellow wine-geeks. Not a bad way to pass the weekend.

Happy Easter, ya'll. :)
totaly deprived of acholo and everything elts that might contain banned substences as im racing on sunday 6hours at 140mph wooo i carnt even eat twix's
I get to wonder what the kids are doing for easter and if they really are coming back. And why she wont talk to me.

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